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Setting Captives Free is transitioning to a new ministry format and name. As of October 1st, 2015 the current Setting Captives Free website will no longer be available. Please complete your course work if desired before this date. For more information, click here.

For a short time you can still order the course material in print by going to and clicking on "Setting Captives Free Material" on the left side.

FAQs for The Cross Centered Mind

Do I need to get off my prescription drugs immediately?

No! Do not stop taking any psychotropic drug, apart from the recommendation and direct supervision of qualified medical personnel. As you go through the Cross-Centered Mind course you will find resources which are specifically designed to help you taper off the medication under the careful observance of a qualified medical doctor.

Is mental illness hereditary?

First, all illness is hereditary, in the sense that it is part of the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. There were no illnesses until sin came into the world, so all illness is part of the curse that came with sin, and sickness of every kind was dealt with at the cross where “by His wounds we are healed” (Isaiah 53:5). Second, mind “healthiness”, or a mind that can think clearly and is not given over to sinful thoughts, is a by-product of seeking the Lord and walking in a right relationship with Him. This is available to all, regardless of parents, or upbringing, or past abuses.

Does my brain have a chemical imbalance, as stated on the TV commercials and other drug company literature?

There is no medical nor scientific proof that a brain can have a “chemical imbalance.” No X-ray, nor blood test, nor urine test, nor any other medical test exists to show that a brain may be chemically imbalanced. The term “chemical imbalance” is a marketing term, used by drug companies to plant the seed thought that our brains may somehow need to be “rebalanced” using their very expensive chemical substances to do so.

Is success in the Cross-Centered Mind course defined by getting off all medication?

Success in life is measured by our focus on Jesus (Hebrews 12:1-3), our growing in His likeness (Romans 8:29), and our freedom from all sinful bondage (John 8:31-36). Dependence upon a chemical substance presses us toward violating all three of the above. However, if it takes you longer than the length of this course to taper off your meds, you are not a failure. We make this clear as you go through the Cross-Centered Mind course, and we permit you to retake the course if you wish to do so.

Is Setting Captives Free against all drugs/chemical substances?

No! We believe in the correct usage of drugs that have valid medical tests to show their need. Examples would be blood pressure medication, insulin, heart medications, liver medications, etc...

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